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A love note from Audrey (Creator of Namaste Aloha & Audrey Acosta Designs)

As we grow older, personally, and as a business, our fire and spirit become livelier than ever. We believe in making clothes that mirror this spirit. We believe in empowering women. We believe in connecting with women. We believe in supporting women, and, we believe IN women.

Namaste Aloha is the realization of 12 years of crafting clothing from a heart-centered place. We are delighted to share with you what we have been working on. And, we are excited for you to see us in full bloom and in full vibrancy.

Clothing should be more than just what you put on. It should radiate who you are. Clothing shouldn’t cover up your spirit, it should illuminate it. Shop Namaste Aloha and step into the warmth of your own sun.

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